Automated Recon

Smart simple platform that lets you recon any data

Reconciliation does not have to be a painful exercise. We help you get in control of your business by easily reconciling data from disparate systems and showing you detailed analytics to optimise your processes.

Automated Recon has been tested over millions of transactions, and with a built-in configurator it can be easily aligned to any type of reconciliation need. We have added exception handling and workflow capabilities that completes the platform as a universal reconciliation solution.

Simple interface

Simple user-friendly interface that is quick to master and can be used on desktop and mobile device types.

Multi User Access

Multi user setup with specific roles and permissions.

Integration Friendly

Link your workflows with third party systems using APIs and event handlers. Define API types - SOAP or REST, Time Out and Authentication settings as well.

System Customizations

Easy to configure giving you the flexibility to customise the platform to suit your business process needs.