Close Group Ecommerce and ERP

Customizable ecommerce platform for closed user groups

Customizable ecommerce platform designed for closed network applications where member access needs to be validated and controlled. We have included a built-in enterprise resource planning module to help track and monitor stock and orders. This platform can be implemented in both B2B and B2C applications.

Real-life Applications

Member Network groups

Internal Staff stores

Dealer networks

Member groups

Distributor networks

Intuitive Admin Panel

Easy to use admin panel enables you to centrally manage user verification, content management, query management, Stock Management and ordering.

Dashboarding and analytics

Real Time Dashboard and analytics on Sales and Inventory.

Built-In ERP

Built-in ERP module to help you manage stock and ordering more efficiently.

Return and Query Management

Built-in features that lets you manage stock returns and communication with customer linked to specific order.

Integration ready

ERP module can be easily integrated with your current inventory management and logistic systems for better stock management and distribution.