Online Consultation

Digitally transforming the consultation room

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalytics in increasing the urgency of companies to speed up their digital evolution. Innovation in the medical industry gave rise to online consultations which is a great opportunity to leverage an additional revenue channel for any consultation type business.

Our Online Consultation solution is a scalable web-based platform the lets you manage the complete value chain for your consultation driven business. Whilst this solution was designed for the medical industry, it can be easily configured to suit other industry sectors where there is a consultation need.

Simple interface

Simple user-friendly interface that is quick to master and can be used on desktop and mobile device types.

Appointment Management

Manage appointments effortlessly

Multi User permissions

Multi user setup with specific roles and permissions.

Video Consultations

Easy to configure giving you the flexibility to customise the platform to suit your business process needs.

Centralized Control

All information is organised in one place making it easy to access and analyse you customer data.

Integration Friendly

Link your workflows with third party systems using APIs and event handlers. Define API types - SOAP or REST, Time Out and Authentication settings as well.

Transaction Management

Easily integrated with payment gateways to facilitate the payment of consultation services.

Document Management

Link and store key documentation like medical scripts.