OTT Media Platform

Piracy-proof over-the-topĀ  media platform

Launch your own OTT platform. We adapt secure technologies and a transformed user experience to deliver your content on web or on devices through tailored mobile and TV applications.

Secure Technology

Secure technologies are implemented to secure your content against media-catchers and piracy seeker.

Dynamic Watermarking

Dynamic Watermarking over media content offering an added layer of protection to track piracy and geo restrictions tracking.

Global Content Delivery

Secure Content Delivery ServicesĀ  delivering smooth streaming to audiences around the globe. We embrace leading-edge storage solutions when it comes to conten delivery network.

Smart Screen Player

Optimised viewing and enriched user experience with player features like Continue Watching and Next Episode.

Central Content Management

Centralised management, monitoring and tracking of content distribution.

Flexible Revenue models

Customized video on demand subscription models, General and V.I.P. Plan, Pay per View Models.

Realtime Analytics

Reatime dashboard - Monitor Content Views, User Hits, Revenue Generation

Anti-Piracy Technology

Enabled with anti-piracy technology protecting your proprietary content.